Wooden Venetian Blinds

A variation of conventional Aluminium, these are crafted from natural wood products and are a true investment in the home.  As such, they tend to require a little more care.

Wooden Venetian Blinds are not designed to offer complete light block-out but still offer adequate privacy and light control.

Should light and privacy be your particular concerns, you may wish to consider our ‘Privacy Blinds’ which don’t have visible holes through the actual slats which provide better light control and improved privacy.

Our Wooden Venetian Blinds come standard with a Valance (pelmet) covering the head-rail and wooden toggles on the cords for a more finished look.

Available in 50mm and 63.5mm slat sizes.

Please Note:

  • These Blinds are made from natural products and are subject to variations in colour and slight environmental influences such as warping.
  • Since extreme heat or moisture can cause damage the reeds over time, these Blinds are not recommended for areas where they will be exposed to harsh direct sunlight or high humidity.