Roller Blinds

Functional and decorative, Roller Blinds are popular in both private homes and commercial spaces. Generally very effective insulators, they are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. Your choice will depend largely on the amount of natural light desired.

Sheerweave Roller Blinds allow you to see through the Blind from the inside during the day, but the reverse would apply at night, meaning there is very little to no privacy with this Blind. It does however block out up to 95% of UV light, making it ideal for protecting furniture, keeping you cool and reducing glare in areas where you’d still like to appreciate the view. Our Sheerweave range is also available as an outdoor option for patios.

Light Filtering Roller Blinds block out direct sunlight while allowing natural light to filter through. Since these are not generally see-through, they offer more privacy.

Block-Out Roller Blinds block out the most amount of light making them an ideal choice for the Bedroom or TV Room/Lounge where strong light can become a nuisance.

Half-round Valances (pelmets) can be fitted over the roller mechanism as an optional extra.