Honeycomb Duette and Skylight Blinds

Made from a spun-bonded Polyester UV-resistant fabric, these Blinds feature a unique double-sided honeycomb construction consisting of permanent pleats that do not fray. Of all the blinds, these offer the best insulation, keeping out the heat during hot summers and trapping in the warmth during freezing winters. Extremely lightweight, Honeycomb Duette Blinds are easy to lift and lower - either manually with a ‘wand’ or motorised with a remote control.

These blinds are suitable for both standard windows and more importantly for uniquely-shaped windows such as triangular or trapezoid.  They are also ideal for skylights (angled or completely horizontal) due to the innovative guide wires unique to this product which result in zero sagging.

Honeycomb Duette Blinds are available in a variety of colours, with a standard white facing outside for maximum heat reflection. Since the colour faces inside, this creates an attractive uniformity to the outside of the home where there are multiple colours in different rooms.

We also stock a light-filtering and block-out range.

While these Blinds are hardy they are also very easy to clean, However Blind Boyz also provides a professional cleaning service should you prefer.