Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo is a natural product popular for both home and office spaces as it adds elegance and warmth to any room. Bamboo Blinds consist of a flat sheet of bamboo reeds that, when opened, either rolls up from the bottom (i.e. Roller style), or folds up concertina-style (i.e. Roman style).

Bamboo Blinds are available in two types of weave:

Open Weave: While this lets more natural light filter through, more loosely woven reeds allow not just greater light penetration, but increase visibility as well. As a result, this weave will not provide privacy at night.

Close Weave:  These blinds consist of tightly overlapping reeds, which allow minimal light through while providing better privacy.

Our Bamboo Blinds come standard with a valance (pelmet) in a matching finish. If preferred, a wooden half-round valance is available as an optional extra.

Please Note:

  • These Blinds are made from natural products and are subject to variations in colour and slight environmental influences such as warping.
  • Since extreme heat or moisture may cause damage to the reeds over time, these Blinds are not recommended for areas where they will be exposed to harsh direct sunlight or high humidity.