Choosing the right blinds

We understand that selecting the perfect Blinds for your home or office space can be a daunting task.  We have more than 28 years in the Blind business, consulting on Blind installations large and small across Gauteng. Based on our experience, here are a few important factors to consider before you make your final decision:

  • Cost
    Budget perhaps the most important factor when choosing Blinds. We understand this and will work with you to make what you have to spend work for you. Cheapest is not always best, and sometimes considering another option will create a more appealing effect, while sometimes small, inexpensive additions can provide just the right finishing touch.  We will advise you on all the options available.

  • Functionality
    Your Blinds need to be practical as well as beautiful and this means you need to carefully consider things like access to doors and windows, ease of use, whether you require insulation from heat or cold, and how humid the space is where you will be installing your Blinds.
  • Light
    How much sunlight you’d like the space to receive and how much control you need over lighting will definitely influence the Blinds you choose. Think about how much light you need in the room, if sunlight and glare is ever a nuisance (like on computer or TV screens), or if there are certain times of the day that you might need to block out the light entirely – like in a Bedroom or Nursery for example.
  • Privacy
    Some window treatments are purely aesthetic, while others are a necessity – such as in urban areas where privacy can be a concern.  This is particularly important at night when lights inside can create a silhouette or even make it appear like you’re on a stage with spotlights on you. Think carefully about how much privacy you will need and make sure that your Blinds are able to offer you what you need.
  • Style
    Personal style is an important factor in home décor and soft furnishings. You’ll want your Blinds to compliment your existing style.  Make sure you choose something you know you can live with for an extended period of time – you are making an investment after all. And don’t overlook aesthetics such as texture, ambience and existing views and vistas.